The Eighty Twenty Deal
You clear 80% of the listed price.
  • You get paid 80% of the listed price.
  • Eg: if you want $500 the listed price is $625.
  • Panda takes the remainder after all discounts and fees.

How it works

  1. You email Hustle Panda your .com domain name and the price you want.
  2. Panda hustles and once you both agree on a price for the domain, it is listed on the Hustle Panda website.
  3. Once sold the payment is accepted and transferred to Hustle Panda.
  4. Hustle Panda contacts you and the new owner and instructs you both exactly how to transfer the domain.
  5. Once the domain has completely transferred to the new owner, Hustle Panda pays you 80% via PayPal.
Seller Frequently Asked Questions
Write to Panda on - include snacks.

Panda, why you Hustling?

Panda has been involved in startups since he was a furry looking ying-yang. He thinks domain poachers belong in the zoo - especially the bunch that add exorbitant prices. Panda reached out to his fuzzy friends and asked if it's maybe best we part ways with these .com's that we're keeping for that "potential" idea.

How can I add my .com domain here?

That's just swell you want to help a startup but remember he's quite a picky Panda. Only submit your real sweet tasting domains. Simply email Panda with the .com domain you want to part ways with and he'll take it from there.

Do you have any .co or similar domains?

No. *spits out a bad bamboo shoot*

Why so few domains?

Panda hustles hard but doesn't slump on quality. Once he gets the furball rolling he mentioned expanding to longer double barreled .com domains.

How do you pay the Panda?

Payment is handled with PayPal or Credit Card via Gumroad. Panda offers a 150% money back guarantee if the domain ownership transfer is not successful.

How long does Panda take to transfer a domain?

Each domain is instantly secured upon payment. Depending on your domain provider, transfer can take as long as 7 working days. On average 5 working days but sometimes as little as 2 hours.

Who is this Hustling Panda?

Boy, you sure ask a lot of questions. Panda has worked with the team from One Page Love. Read more about the project and branding here.

Is Panda cousins with MailChimp?

Only second cousins. Rumour has it his MailChimp's mom was quite popular;)